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 Keeping It Calm Course

Learn how to Keeping It Calm in an often-stressful world. The Self

Embodiment course is a 4 week course for females.

  • Do you want to learn why you are so stressed?

  • Are you "finding you can’t motivate yourself to live life?

  • Perhaps you have not been the same since COVID-19 or a past trauma?

  • This course can help!!

  • Our bodies are responding to societies stresses and our own past traumas,
    this is manifesting in your body in ways that you don't know how to control
    such as (depression, OCD, anxiety, avoiding places, disassociating,
    emotional eating and more).

  • On this course you will learn about how your body is reacting to stress
    and why. You will learn new techniques to regulate your nervous system
    (Don't worry this is not painful) by getting it to work the way you want it
    to by using breath work, yoga poses and techniques you can carry forward
    in life.

  • You will start to feel like the old you or even better the new you. Learn to
    calm yourself in a stressful situation, learn how to deal with your sh*t basically.

  • We will have fun, but there is much to learn. You will learn a lot about yourself
    and be able to be in control of you again.

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