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Orange Clouds


“I Feel calm and at peace with my past, I’m moving on from past hurt and see a positive future for me and my son”

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“Claire taught me that it wasn’t all my fault, that I have nothing to feel ashamed off. She explained how I reacted to abuse by being quiet and small was a normal bodily protective measure, now I get it and I am starting to be more assertive and have a voice”

“These 10 weeks have really opened my eyes. I’m in a much stronger place than I’ve been for a long time. Would highly recommend this course to those in need. The exercise just tops it off its amazing and a great way to destress”

“having extra 121 coaching with Claire after finishing the course was so beneficial, I needed a bit more on recognizing abuse, red flags and how to deal with dating in the future. Claire really helped me with confidence in my own decision making after abuse to go on and have a health relationship”

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