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New Beginnings


We exercise in the form of Boxercise.

We have 10 weeks together and 2 hours of theory sessions, these

sessions are interactive, fun and will arm you with knowledge.

Subjects such as Red flags and healthy relationships, Online dating

safety, how to be confident, learning to say NO more, Boundary

setting, what is a boundary, Vision boards with positive affirmations,

positive self-talk, and Health, fitness and nutrition and much more.

Best of all it is all FREE.. We wanted all women no matter where they

have come from to be able to access this course for free.

After theory and chat, we exercise for 30-45 mins. All exercise will be

based on your ability and possible contraindications to exercising.

There are strong links between physical activity and mental health, and improving both. Boxercise is a massive Confidence builder, and you will feel awesome, laugh, smile and come out of it stronger and healthier. It’s FREE to all that attend New Beginnings course.

Let’s Work Together

Unit F, Indoor Market, Market Street, Torquay, TQ1 3AE

Tel: 07754976489

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