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Sunset Skies

Discover the new YOU
with Phoenix Rising CIC.
If you are a survivor of
domestic abuse,
Phoenix Rising CIC
can empower you to find
your inner strength and heal
from abuse. Let us help you
dump your abusers perception
of you and rediscover a new stronger, confident YOU.

"Rebuilding Lives
After Abuse"

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Learn More About
Phoenix Rising CIC

Phoenix Rising CIC was created in 2020 and we love running it. We get to help you lovely ladies overcome abuse, become more confident, have more self-worth understand what you went through and get fit with some Boxercise in the process and just become general Wonder Women.. 

This is a non profit organisation and because we have accessed funding from the National Lottery, Co op, Heart of England Fund and more we can now give this course FREE. So all you have to do is Just bring YOU. 

Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

Sunset Skies


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Sunset Skies

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